Quilt-n-time in cannon falls After nearly 20 years as a Registered Nurse, i was given an opportunity for a change.  Considering my options, I was fascinated with the quilting and sewing projects my sister (Lisa) and mother (Rita) were creating.  Rita Swain has been quilting many decades and has a wonderful talent for making quilt tops. Lisa Beeson has been long-arm quilting for almost two decades is a constant resource of knowledge and information. Their website can be found at www.thequiltedstitch.org. I have also been gathering a network of quilt historians, artists, and enthusiasts from all over the world. What a wonderful inspiration this venture has been for me and an amazing change of pace! 

What a difference a year makes. I began working with a fabric historian at www.reproduction fabrics.com . It has been quilt the learning experience finding out about the history of fabric and quilting. Through this experience I have been able to put together sample kits and consult buyers on fabric selection. I look forward to working with Margo Krager on producing period correct quilts to put in shows for the coming year.

I have had the great privilege of working on a project that is in the spring issue of Fons and Porter doing the quilting work for a table runner and hope to do more work with them soon. My mother Rita Swain and sister Lisa Beeson have done many of the quilts featured in the magazine and I am so privileged to continue the legacy and art work of quilting.

Christine Swain

Quilt N Time, Owner